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We had many debugger questions lately which made me meditate about better ways to communicate features.

Before reinventing the wheel, are there any selfcontained solutions with standalone debugger demos which can be used to show and test features?

I was thinking of something semantically like (just an untested sketch)

sub testsub { print "inside"; } print "outside"; testsub(); use DB::Demo <<'__DB__'; > b testsub > r __DB__

which sets a breakpoint and runs it? (this is not meant as replacement for $DB::single )

FWIW I know perl5db's source command and I somehow remember a way to pass a queue of commands via afterinit in .perldb

So this can be done with temporary .perldb files, I'd rather avoid this with an embedded format.

Cheers Rolf
(addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
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