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what is the procedure to request a change to PerlMonks

Technically, your first step would be to come up with a use case and discuss it in the Chatterbox and possibly here in PM Discussions.

If your case has good arguments and other monks mostly agree that this would be a good thing to change, a PmDev has to decide if your request is technically possible (the PM backend is quite different than your average this-is-my-dog-forum).

After that, your request will probably land on the Todo list, until someone implements it or not.

I'm the most junior PmDev, only got promoted last week and i'm still reading the docs and the code. From what i could glean in a quick code search, it should be possible to implement a one level "undo" function. I'd be willing to invest the time since i had the same problem before (and this seems to be a good first project). But before i do anything, i'll have to check with my mentor.

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