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I have a script which uses several input files, creates some temps and outputs others. It is tested via Test::Script and file content/creation is tracked via Test:Directory and Test::File.

After adding a new feature, making sure the unit tests are passing, the script tests are failing. I attempt to debug by running the test file as  perl -d:pdbtk t/path/to/test.t but cannot dive into the script itself.

It looks like the line executing the script from Tests::Script is the following:

(${$opt->{stdout}}, ${$opt->{stderr}}) = capture { system(@$cmd) };
but there is no way of 'stepping into' the execution.

I tried setting breakpoing inside the script, when entering the file, with  $DB::single = 1 but no success.

I tried adding debug flag to the  script_runs arguments, but it takes no effect.

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