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Brothers, Background - I'm using PerlDBI to interface an Oracle database with a ConnectDirect remote file transfer. It's all basically working, but here's the problem... We receive a file via connect direct of potentially large size and with embedded quotes/apostrophes etc. I'm therefore inserting the file content into a CLOB field in the database after using the PerlDBI 'quote' function on it - again, all working.
my $RawContent = dbh->quote( $filecontent, VARCHAR ); my $insert_sql = qq( INSERT INTO Received ( RawContent, Filename ) VALUES ( ?, ? ) ); my $insert_sth = $dbh->prepare($insert_sql); my $rv = $insert_sth->execute( $RawContent, $filename );
However, when I look at the data content in SQL Developer, or when I then perform a 'select' on the table to extract the data later, it has enclosing quotes i.e. I don't get " CONTENT " - I get " 'CONTENT' ", which then interferes with string matching downstream. What have I missed?