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Thank you vkon

I too use perl 'professionaly' and my job is not related to perl either, i use it in much the same way as you, to make quick work of tasks both simple and complex. I do find perl lovely to use, hence why I seek to gain employment in a job geared toward it's use, for personal enjoyment and knowledge growth purposes

As I replied to choroba's fine comment, this is where i'm failing to understand where the definition lies between me using perl in my current job, and knowing sufficient knwoledge of Perl for an actual career in it.

Take my current employment for example, I had to take a test in order to get an interview, which looking back asked me to demonstrate the basic knowledge of OO programming, structure, polymorphism and algorithms. This I didn't find too challenging as I had recently graduated from University, and this sort of task was commonplace during my studies. So hypothetically, what would a test be aimed at for a junior Perl programmer would you think? Similar programming fundementals,regardless of language like my current positions test, or things more specific to Perl itself perhaps?