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No, there is no problem with the code's output. Your original code was printing using printf to STDOUT, and it was printing via print to the OUTPUT file handle. Two distinct destinations; one the terminal, the other a file. For the purposes of this demonstration I switched it so that both print to STDOUT, because printing to a file adds complexity to the example that you don't need. But in the print output I identify which output stream your original code would have printed to. So it is intentional that we are getting output twice. As you can see it is not identical output. And as you can see from the code, it is because we have a printf statement, and a print statement, just as your original code did.

So in other words, you still haven't shown us the code that is misbehaving, unless the misbehavior was that you were printing to STDOUT and to an output file because you have two print statements. Do you need for us to suggest removing one of the two print statements?