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Hi Monks,
I'm stuck and need some direction. I have a new script that is frequently hanging and needs to be killed. The script reads in a file with a list of hostnames (4-5) and creates a thread for each hostname. I can see the print statement that each thread is created, but I don't see the first print statement in the runMain subroutine. Most of threads complete the entire script, but 1-2 will appear to never start. Not sure what else to try at this point to get more information. This is Strawberry Perl (64-bit) environment.

sub runMain { print "Starting runMain on $_[0]\n"; if ($_[0] =~ /(\w.+\w\d+.+net),(\w+)/) { $Server = $1; $Type = $2; print "Connecting to $Server\n"; } } open (LIST, "list.txt"); for my $Serv (<LIST>) { print "Created thread for $Serv\n"; push @Threads, threads->new(sub {runMain($Serv)}); }