No, this isn't an attempt to start a flamefest about the best language! There was an interesting article on slashdot today about a somewhat old (circa 1999) article comparing Lisp to Java and C/C++. The author worked for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab at the time and the article was in response to a study done comparing Java and C/C++. Although not statistically meaningful (there were 14 self-selected participants) the article showed that Lisp did quite well when stacked up against Java and C++ (for this particular problem statement) Anyway, it got me thinking -- hmm, how does perl stack up against all of those languages. The factors measured included development time, size of code, memory consumption, image size (meaningless for perl I suppose) and execution speed. It would be an interesting non-scientific study to see what the perlmonks can come up with for the same problem statement. The only thing I'm not sure about is would it be fair to allow (non-core) modules? It might be fun to see how perl stacked up. Any takers?