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G'day marto,

Many thanks for your suggestions. Some of these have already been looked into. Here's a brief summary of those.

Thanks for pointing me towards App::lcpan [for anyone else reading this, that's a lowercase case 'L', not an uppercase 'i']. I've had a brief look at this but will need to spend more time on it. There does appear to be a lot of documentation, especially in App::lcpan::Manual; at present, a lot of that is just "TODO" but the author (fellow monk, perlancar) appears to be working on that at the moment — I see four distribution updates in the last three days.

Overall, there's nothing currently set in stone. I'll be starting a proof-of-concept tomorrow using the DarkPAN solution outlined in the OP — of course, that may change as work progresses. Given tomorrow is only a few minutes away in my timezone, I should probably get some sleep first. :-)

— Ken