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This is just a wild guess, but perhaps substitute some arbitrary path name when inc is undefined? This might give it something to work with instead of an empty array. Or patch the code later to handle an empty array from that call.

[defined($self->profile) ? $self->profile->inc : ('.') ]

That might send you down the rabbit hole, though, in which case bliako's advice in 11114191 should be followed.

When doing that, it is probably worth looking for what code is triggering the issue. Maybe it is the nested evals that were being warned about in the output in a previous post, but a quick check with the code below works without problem so if it is nested evals then it is under more complex conditions.

use strict; use warnings; my $code1 = 'print "nested eval run here\n"'; my $code2 = 'eval $code1'; my $code3 = 'eval $code2'; eval $code3;