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I'll never accept sudo. :-) Slackware installs sudo, but it does nothing. There should always be one root, with control over the system. Sudo is just an attempt to weaken unix security. I use Slackware and su is perfectly suitable to switch users as long as you have the password. On these sudo based systems, all any user needs to do to gain root access is do "sudo passwd root" and you have full root priviledges. If a user wants to install software and root refuses to put it into the system, the package managers should just install it into the users home directory, and use LD_PRELOAD to load non-system libraries., or adjust the user's LD Library env variable. There is absolutely no reason to allow non-root users access to the system libraries. Do you know what a shim attack is? Sudo makes shim attacks easy, but apparently that is what the computer overlords want. It is no wonder that so many database and personal information leaks are happening.... I point the finger at sudo.

P.S. Don't get me started on systemd, another piece of useless software. :-)

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