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> while (my $key = delete_first %hash)

I don't think a new iterator is the best generic approach.

Because only the loop's body knows if resetting the iterator is appropriate.

for the general case - iterating a hash and occasionally deleting elements in the body, this should always fit

while (my $key = each %hash) { if ( condition($key) ) { delete @hash{ dependent_keys($key) }; keys %hash; } }

The Rule: reset the iterator if and only if other elements are deleted.

This will never end in an endless loop, because the hash will

The only difficulty might be efficiency consideration:
my %seen; while (my $key = each %hash) { next if $seen{$key}++; if ( condition($key) ) { delete @hash{ dependent_keys($key) }; keys %hash; } }

Cheers Rolf
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) not sure how costly resetting is in the end.

) provided it's a finite structure which isn't refilled simultanously