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I love JavaScript, because it allows one to write a program that runs in a browser on any device. I think, JS could be the best programming language if only it had adopted the vec() function from perl. Of course, there are certain things you cannot do in JS like accessing the file system, but thatís because it would be a security issue. I think, JS is an awesome language. I donít say that because I love the language itself. I say that because I love what you can do with JS. And I like that itís very fast compared to other scripting languages. I like that unlike Java, I donít have to download and install a runtime environment or a bulky software package to write and compile code. I just open Notepad and start typing. If I want to test my code, I just save it and open it in a web browser. No need to compile anything. No need to download modules, etc. Itís just very simple and straightforward language. I think, JS is like the BASIC of the 21st century. If anyone wants to learn computer programming, they should start with JavaScript. Itís the simplest language out there today.