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Neat! I'll have to play with it a little bit. I have a couple minor comments about your post. (Not your code yet, as I haven't looked it over yet.)

First: thanks for using code tags, but you only need code tags at the *start* and *end* of each chunk of code. That way, a multiline chunk of code will get a "download" link, making it easier for people to get your code to try it out. Something like this:

sub foo {
print "hi!\n";


Doing so will make your code look like this:

sub foo { print "hi!\n"; } foo();

Second: I've tried the readmore tags on a "top level" post like you did, and found that they don't really do much at this level. It seems that they're more useful for responses.

I'll post a few notes for you after I've tried your code and looked it over.


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