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I am a bit reluctant to ask this (as it sort of reveals how old I have become) but I finally retired my Palm about a year ago.

However I still want to hold on to some information stored on the device, so I am trying to parse the datebook and memo pdbs from a backup with perl.

Datebook seems to work, I can e.g. do this

use strict; use Data::Dumper; use Palm::Datebook; my $pdb = new Palm::Datebook; $pdb->Load("CalendarDB-PDat.pdb"); print Dumper($pdb);
And this produces something I can process further, however parsing memos does not work at all:
use strict; use Data::Dumper; use Palm::Memo; my $pdb = new Palm::Memo; $pdb->Load("MemosDB-PMem.pdb"); print Dumper($pdb);
This simply dies with

"No handler defined for creator "PMem", type "DATA"

It's been years since I last tried to parse pdbs with perl and while I can (vaguely) remember that I've had issues in the past I cannot remember anything, so I am looking for a way to parse palm memo-databases in perl...

Many thanks!