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Since I wrote the root node, I was surprised to discover that nine of the first ten Perl Monks also have accounts at! (only vroom is missing).

I was astonished and elated to learn that the mysterious paco joined everything2 on Apr 29 1999 at 13:07, was last seen "never", and, incredibly, actually created a profile:

Things that are good: Whales, really cold cheap american beer, Macintosh, The Toyota LandCrusier ...
That should silence the doubters who claim that paco is not a real person! He's real all right and, for the first time, we are privileged to learn about his likes. As far as I'm aware, this is the only known personal information about the elusive paco. Though he supposedly wrote one node LandCrusier (thing), I get "Permission denied: You don't have access to that node" when I try to read it. Is this an ingenious paco prank? And what of the (surely profound) meaning behind paco spelling it both times as the innovative yet obscure "Land Crusier" in preference to the pedestrian "Land Cruiser"? The paco mystery deepens!

In other highlights:

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