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Thank you Loops and boftx!

Using the constructor for empty array as Loops showed, the script indeed ran without spewing errors.

I have looked a bit into the long script boftx pointed me at. It really remembers me of a game I liked much on old Apple II :) Many interesting Perl details, in a well-readable script. Not one of these cryptic examples in the docs... But I'll look at it tomorrow when I am not tired as now.

However, when trying to output the contents of the collected directory tree structures, I ran into another problem after adding a sub for this. I get an error "Global symbol "$mydir" requires explicit package name..." which I do not yet understand, as this is a my variable of a subroutine... Please excuse if I made an obvious blatant mistake :(

use strict; use warnings; use diagnostics; use 5.014; # so push/pop/etc work on scalars (experimental) use MooX::Struct -rw, Dirnode => [ qw( $dirname @subdlist ) ]; my $dirroot = crawldir( "."); printdirs ($dirroot); sub printdirs { my $mydir = $_; # if subdirectories exist, walk them first ### vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv PROBLEM if (@($mydir->subdlist)) { # if ($mydir->subdlist) { ### ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PROBLEM foreach ($mydir->subdlist) { printdirs( $_); } } print "Dir: ", $mydir->dirname, "\n"; } sub crawldir { my $curpath = shift; my $dno = Dirnode["", []]; # my $dno = Dirnode->new(); $dno->dirname( $curpath ); opendir(DIR, $curpath); my @files = readdir(DIR); closedir(DIR); print "crawldir in directory ", $dno->dirname, "\n"; foreach (@files) { next if $_ eq '.' or $_ eq '..'; my $file_path = "$curpath/$_"; $file_path =~ s|/+|/|g; if (-d $file_path) { print "crawldir in directory ", $dno->dirname, ": calling c +rawldir( $curpath\/$_)\n"; push @{$dno->subdlist}, crawldir( "$curpath\/$_" ); } } return $dno; }