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The legend of 'merphq'

I'm also not entirely sure but I think the Q came from an old joke. I used to have a pair of 'Q' jeans and sometimes when my friends would introduce me they would say 'Yves, Yves with a Q' to confuse people. I come from Toronto so people sometimes dont get my name as they think they have misheard. So the Q thing became a sort of running joke amongst a group of my friends.
As for the 'merphq' part, it comes from a weekend party at a friends cottage. All of the people that used to go to the cottage got merphqnames and as we are now scattered use them to keep in touch. Which is where I get mine as I am the DE or German Merphqentitive. :-)
There is a site where some of my friends do web casts of their music, but right now it isnt too active.

update:Its well accepted in the merphq community that the q is silent. :-)
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