in reply to whats wrong? it gives me many error

Greetings Monk,
Welcome to Perl Monks. Since this is your first day in the Monastery you may want to consider reading this tutorial as well as this one just as an overview of how to use the Monastery.

Getting down to more brass tacks let me also suggest this tutorial.

Even more to the point it would seem that you are struggling with the concept of context within Perl. This tutorial will help with that.

To give you fish for the day let me say that this:

my $host, $port, $request, $proto = 'tcp';
is not doing what you think it is and this
my ($host, $port, $request, $proto) = ('tcp');
might work better for you.

Let me finish by saying that posting a question on one forum, getting answers and then posting on another forum is not a great way to make friends and influence people. A lot of the monks here visit multiple forums and it doesn't set well to see the same questions asked multiple places after they've been answered.

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