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Anyone who knows a subject will tell you how inaccurate and terrible Snopes, Wikipedia, news shows, movies, and books are. They are all aimed at what popular culture wants to believe or will be entertained by, with the facts just helping to spur the writer's innovations.

The gap between what is entertainment and what is truth is quite wide. That causes a shock to people who know it, and they respond either with a positive slant, and enjoy the entertainment, or with a negative slant, and are offended by it.

That being said, i'll bet there are just as many doctors and nurses that are offended by those shows as there are those who are entertained by it. It's just that only the news of the entertained have reached your ears (because it confirms your own entertainment and was likely relayed for that very purpose.) You happen to be closer to computers, so you actually hear the complainers too. It isn't ay different, you just hear more of it.