In the writing of poetry, worthy of tribute
The most crucialistic part is the words in the poem.
Sure, rhyme, rhythm, meter, these all contribute
But if you make lousy word choices, people are going to read it and say "Who wrote this trash?" and then somebody says "GotToBTru" and then somebody says "Who's that?" and out of embarrassment they say "Don't know 'im."

Does Perl Monks have an official Poet Laureate?
We've got a section here for him, ready and warmed up.
Meanwhile, rank and file monks fill in with haiku and couplet
Waiting for a real class act to finally show up.

That's not me, I'm not a skilled nor prolific Perl Poetry contributor.
I much prefer coding, I'm not ashamed to admit it.
So it works out not to be much of a non sequitur
To say "GotToBTru. Your day job - don't quit it."

1 Peter 4:10