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For anyone trying to get wxperl working, I used Active State perl (latest 32bit, reason being ). Then in ppm I added this repository:
Then I installed Wx from Mattia Barbon, and that downloaded alien wxwidgets aswell. Then if your using WxGlade... you may need to change:

use Wx 0.15 qw[:allclasses];
use Wx;.

Doing this will let you create an executable with Perlapp.
If you get an error message after running the app.exe about not being able to set locale to "en", then open your script and find Wx::Locale->new("English", "en", "en"); and delete both instances of "en".
When you create an executable out of the script with Perlapp, you may need to manually add modules. Also do not forget to "Hide Console" under options 2 tab in perlapp :P
Good Luck

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Re^3: wxPerl Tutorial one :: The basics
by Anonymous Monk on May 29, 2014 at 00:39 UTC

    Doing this will let you create an executable with Perlapp.

    *giggle* instead of working the "perlapp" program as it likes to be worked, change your source code

      i have run into another brick wall, but the gui works to a certain extent. i have a program that i am simply trying to display the md5's of all files in a directory (usually up to 25 - 30 md5s) the md5's come from a scalar "$md5" ironically lol, but im having a very hard time figuring out how to actually display that md5 in listctrl. using a listctrl i can have a column for the md5, another for the filename another for the filesize in bytes ect, please help :'( lol