Hello monks,

Well, it's been a while since I've been active here; I have been helping other with coding, on such places as OpenNAP, and of course, IRC. -- When others paste code, it's always a good idea to parse the code, and exclude their nick, or other appended information; So I wrote an all purpose chat client paste parser.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w # Chat client paste parser # Author: dusk use strict; die "Usage: $0 [input file] [output file] [nick] [0:1]\n" unless $ARGV +[3]; warn "Remember: 0 and 1 denote timestamped, or not -- respectively\n"; my $nick = $ARGV[2]; open (INPUT, "$ARGV[0]"); foreach (<INPUT>) { open (OUTPUT, ">>$ARGV[1]"); if ($ARGV[3] == 0) { print OUTPUT "$1\n" if /^\W$nick\W\s(.*)/ } else { print OUTPUT "$1\n" if /^\W\d.*\W\s\W$nick\W\s(.*)/ } } close OUTPUT; close INPUT;

Edit ar0n -- fixed whitespace