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Dear Monks,br> I am supposed to create a unique array based on a non-unique one. Problem is that I am not supposed to use hashes of built-in modules (I know, I know, but it's for educational purposes!!).
What I thought I could do is to sort the array and then somehow, since the elements would be "next" to each other, remove the duplicates.
my @array_q3=(); #create the array to store all words in the file open INFILE3, "<file"; while( my $line3 = <INFILE3>) { chomp $line3; push @array_q3, $line3; } close INFILE; #sort the array so we can identify the duplicates my @sorted_array_q3 = sort(@array_q3); print "@sorted_array_q3\n";

but my problem is that I can't understand how I can remove the duplicates now...