Description: please look at comments for description. maybe this is not the right place where to post, but it would be indelicate to post it in obfuscation section, and, 'cos it works and it's "warning proof" and "strict proof" i decided to post here.
i would be glad to receive help from guys interested in developing such a tool, and so,
thanks in advance.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# This is the first attempt to write something useful to break all tho
# wonderful pieces-of-art that obfuscated code represents. How do they
+ work?
# How can i read them more easily? Is this Reverse Engineering? I just
# started learning Perl and Obfuscation, and i wanted something to hel
+p when
# learning from others' scripts. ASCII-art-formatted scripts are reall
+y hard
# to read. this crumb of code helps a little, and I look for help to i
# it. For instance, it should detect and properly format regular expre
# which do not use regular "/" and hopefully better format loops!
# And finally, how may the "enlightenment" come from "obfuscation" ?
# Follow the light, and leave the Dark Side! ;-)
# (by the way, there's always something fascinating in darkness...
# i like obfu!!! ;-P )

use strict;
use vars '$output','$line';
$output = $ARGV[0].".deobfu";
open (INF, "< $ARGV[0]");
open (OUF, "> $output");
while (<INF>)
    $line .= $_;
    $line =~ s/\#(^\!).*\n//g;
$line =~ s/ +/ /g;
$line =~ s/\t+/\t/g;
$line =~ s/\n//g;
$line =~ s/use /\nuse /g;
$line =~ s/(qq)([\W])(\w*)([\W])/\"$3\"/g;
$line =~ s/(q)([\W])(\w*)([\W])/\'$3\'/g;
$line =~ s/\;/\;\n/g;
$line =~ s/([\{||\}])/\n$1\n/g;

print OUF $line;
close (INF);
close (OUF);