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When I run the code here basic implementation of a RTF->text converter, I get this output:
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at C:/Perl/s +ite/lib/RTF/ line 208, <GEN0> line 47. <-- how can I sup +press this warning? CM WEEKS/DAYS BPD HC AC Femur Length A regular fetal heart rate of ? b +eats per minute is seen. <-- expected outp +ut

How can I suppress the "uninitialized value" warning?
Why does the "no warnings 'uninitialized';" not work?

Do I need to edit "" to suppress the warning? (Yuck!)
Or is there a better way?

I am running Active Perl 5.16.3

Thank you!

UPDATE: I forgot to say that I'm using the newest version of RTF::Tokenizer : version 1.13

UPDATE: I should have said that I am interested in a generic solution. The above is just the current annoyance ;)