in reply to My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers

I'm infinitely more grateful to have a washer/dryer than I am my dishwasher. Sure, it's nice to have a dishwasher, but the alternative is 15 minutes in the sink which is a pain but not too bad overall.

But without my washer/dryer I have to load up a few baskets of clothes and drive to a *gasp* laundromat, sit there for an hour or so while the machines spin so that I can be sure nobody steals my clothes (maybe I'm flattering myself--my clothes aren't that stylish), figure out how to enjoy my book in peace without having to make conversation with Bubba and Gertrude, then load the baskets back up and drive all the way back home.

I didn't realize how lucky I was to have a washer/dryer at home until I left for college. It was hell. And then when I finally graduated and had my own place w/ one, my life became complete once again.