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Hi, I am encountering a segmentation fault while carrying out some operation in side a foreach loop. The foreach loop is iterating on an array having 2 elements. But if I remove the foreach loop and perform the operations on one of the elements of the array, then no seg fault is happening.

is there any cpan module to debug what is causing the segmentation fault ? Or how can I investigate the reason ? Apparently the code is pretty simple , which is just running some foreach loops inside one outer foreach loop. Even I could point out which foreach loop is responsible and can get away with the problem by commenting out that foreach block. But what are the ways to find out the cause and how can that be handled? If anyone can cite some possible reasons to look out for which a perl program may get seg fault, will be helpful.

# The code looks something like

foreach my $elem (@$arrayRef) { foreach () { foreach () { } } # commenting out this below loop avoids the seg fault foreach () { } }
Or else , if I comment out the outermost foreach and carryout the operation on a single element($$arrayRef[0]) of the @$arrayRef, the seg fault is not happening.