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Understanding either or both does not make the OP's code a shining beacon of clarity,

If you understand it, how can it possibly be unclear?

This is exactly the same ridiculous argument as is proffered here so often.

Yes. Of course, *I* understand it, but other people might not, so therefore, it is not "a beacon of clarity".

And if you do not understand it; just say that. Then we can point you to the documentation; and perhaps offer further examples, or a break down of why and how it works, to help you reach the understanding you are lacking.

Do not advocate the dumbing down of other peoples code, simply because you don't understand it; or you fear that others might not.

The key to understanding is not pretending the (in this case, hardly) complicated stuff doesn't exist; it is education.

Don't seek to cover it up, or hide in in a box labeled "wizards only"; explain it.

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