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You should always have a password set for any logins to a dbms even if it is just you accessing the database.

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Re^2: Using DB->connect for mysql db without password
by angeloulivieri (Novice) on Sep 11, 2013 at 13:22 UTC

    I don't want to appear stupid... :D

    My problem is that I'm creating a software that does some analysis based on the use of a MySQL database. Now, I installed this program on a machine where I seen that mysql can be accessed without any pwd and usr. So I was wondering: "what if the user didn't set these two parameters?".

    I'm going crazy searching for an answer. I think now that this is not a possible situation with PERL DBI... is it true?

      Have you tried using undef or '' for the username and/or password?

        Yes, I tried. It didn't worked....

      What software are you using, exactly? You don't seem to call DBI->connect, but rather a connect method on a different object. What kind of object is it?

      Usually connecting to mysql without user name and without password only works if you don't specify a host name either (not even localhost), then local domain sockets are used, and the identity of the system user is used.