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The backspace/back-arrow/run-out) key should delete the presceding character and delete the character under the cursor, but we could never get both to function correctly.

That's what it's doing by default for me in bash on linux. Of course things like this are really related to the terminal, not the shell; cmd doesn't have the separate concepts.

When line-editing, ctrl + left-arrow/right-arrow move back/forward 1 "word" at a time -- these are amongst my most used keys but I never did find a way to make them work the same in a *nix shell.

Ah yes. I do remember these now from the Borland IDE days. That same functionality is alt-b/alt-f in bash

escape clears the command line. Never got that to work.

Didn't know that one. I've always just used Ctrl-C in both windows and linux to get a new empty prompt

Go into the command window properties->defaults->options tab and select the "quick-edit mode" and you can do exactly that in every command window thence forth. (I've had it that way for so long I'd forgotten it wasn't then default. :)

Ah that does improve things some. Though the rectangular select (as opposed to the default stream-like select in bash) makes it still mostly useless to me except in a few specific situations. Got any way to get the other kind of select?

The main problem with c&p under nix shells was that they don't (or I never worked out how to make them) inter-operate with other programs. Ie. I couldn't easily copy from a shell and paste into an editor or browser; or vice versa.

That seems to be mostly an X problem. I think that's gotten better over the years but can't vouch for it. I personally run PuTTY on windows to log into a linux box, so cut and paste between everything works just fine.

Many people have never discovered the following functions:

Indeed. In bash they're not function keys. "history" to display command history, Ctrl-R for incremental search in the history, "history -c" to clear

Another factor that many people miss is that cmd.exe uses multiple histories. So text entered to program prompts doesn't get mixed in with commands typed into the shell itself.

Heh that's different. In linux the shell never even sees the stuff typed once a program starts, so it can't keep a history. It'd indeed be up to the separate program to provide it. For me in practice that's not an issue since 99% of everything i run in the shell is either non-interactive or curses-like (e.g. vi), but yes it sounds like it could be convenient for interacive stuff.

Oh, one more thing that frustrates me about the command prompt: Can't resize it by simply dragging the window corner. If you make it smaller you get scroll bars instead of a resized buffer, and trying to make it bigger than the screen buffer size simply doesn't do anything.