I've been thinking lately on how one effectively learns something, and of course especially how one would learn Perl. Many newbies, I'm sure, would love to be able to extend their Perl knowledge, but has no idea on where (in a Perl context, not www-wise) to go next.

I'm a strong believer in that you learn by doing things, merely listening or reading very seldom gives any insight, and that goes double for computer languages and other 'creative' sciences. With that in mind, I figured the PM tutorials, while being descriptive, would benefit greatly from more exercises. I've found that especially less straightforward exercises that requires you to understand what you are doing, are very hard to come by (excluding courses and books, both tough on a students wallet).

Considering the amount of time the senior Monks spend here answering basic questions (from myself, among others), if some of these would become unnecessary by exercises, it might be the right way to go adding an area where experienced Monks could post exercises. (Hopefully accompanied with commented solutions, as well as leads for the more nonobvious moments?)

/ Stormr