We have seen some success in the April issue of our all beloved TIOBE index. This is the result of various efforts here @ Perlmonks as well as other work (monks working hard on the english Wikipedia and other pages).

For, this positive glimpse when the April numbers were published, came not as a surprise, because we're now monitoring the same parameters TIOBE does, do the same computations - on a daily basis.

And because we do, we now can see trends, hot spots (a.k.a. burning issues), especially if efforts seem to "run out of juice". And of course if search engines do weird and shady things. (Does anyone have the email of mommy Marissa Meyer?) Currently we see again stagnation in the overall numbers, therefore I'd like to present here the currently most burning issue. I have set up an article showing the current status quo and discussing YouTube

The article describes the issue in detail and has also a call for action, but let me paraphrase some things here for a short summary:

There are (order of magnitude) about 2mio search hits for the term "Python", there are about 80k search hits for the term "Perl". Yes not all of these denote the programming languages, but most of them do. Interestingly, the quotient of these numbers and the occurence "XXX programming" is about 100:1, so you will find 22k hits for "Python programming" while only a little bit less than 900 for "Perl programming" (which - BTW - are already a result of work, two weeks ago it was 800).

We therefore strongly suggest, you

In general, however, there is virtually NO Perl-related content on YouTube (compared to other popular scripting languages). No mass, nothing to yield from. Let's gain mass!

Despite YT only having a weight of 9% in the index, this huge unbalance in content, drag the Perl numbers in the overall TIOBE index down badly. Please help. Please focus your contributions on this popular channel, which is not seldom the entry point for newbies to programming in general. - Not just another Perl Mongers Group.