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If this is your first post, then thank you for using code tags :)

Now, to your problem. Seems like you could use hashes or arrays to store the exceptions:

my %users = {"1" =>"none", "2" => "admin"...}; my %pwds = {"1" =>"admin", "2" => "foobar"...};
You can either define these in the script or read them in from a file. Then, in your loop, you can
... my $curpwd = "admin"; if (defined $pwds{$i}) { $curpwd = $pwds{$i}; } if ($users{$i} eq "none") { $session->login(Password => $curpwd); } else { $session->login(Name => 'admin', Password => $curpwd); }
note that the login method for this module does not require a name, but if you want to skip it, you have to used named parameters.