in reply to Improve Perl's marketing position by making Perlmonks more discoverable for automated "popularity contests"

On the surface, I don't really care what outsiders say about Perl. I'll keep using it as long as it has any following at all. Beneath that, I sort of like getting paid (where Perl is at least part of my worth). Even better, I like that other people write/maintain the packages I need (ignoring the guilt of not having uploaded any of my own yet). Greater popularity for Perl means getting paid more with less work -- and that's obviously good (ignoring the ego now).

On the down-side, this all feels a bit dirty somehow. Hard to explain really but it's like a scam to drum up popularity. It's not like a lie but why should we need to advertise (besides those selfish reasons above)?

A way to justify this (at least to me) is that it's an obviously true statement. This could just be seen as a clarification, almost like going towards Semantic Web -- using the correct tags/keywords.