I would like to see the following change done:

* add "perl programming language" to every single page of perlmonks

My proposed way of doing this would be to simply add the sentence "Built with/in the Perl programming language."

Where do i sent patches and/or whom do i have to talk to to make this happen?

The reason behind this is slightly complicated and merits an in-depth explanation for which i currently lack the time. However, in short: The TIOBE index, flawed as it is, follows an algorithm in its methodology. This means that currently it is unaware of roughly 2 million results in its search for both google hits and blog posts relating to Perl, but can be made aware of them. Adding that simple sentence to the perlmonks base template will have a considerable impact on Perls standing in that index and prevent future "perl is dying" articles by mouse-click-hungry journalists with nary a clue or scruple.

If you have questions or requests for clarifications, please ask, and i will happily answer and explain in greater detail in the coming days.

Edit: I see it has been added, thanks a lot to jdporter who did the work. :)