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##Hi, happy new year perl monks! 1. I had add print message in a CPAN's module. But I didn't see any in output. Did they redirect it to somewhere else? 2. I see croak and carp used in a CPAN module. I add some in my code to display some message. But when I run, I didn't see any on screen, why Thanks! ##

Yes, as roboticus said, one error. I modified my question as this:

I want to trace the process of a module, say TieRegistry. So I add some print messge to it. For simple like below:

use vars qw( $RegObj %_Roots %RegHash $Registry ); carp "my print message\n ";#no print print "my print message\n ";#no print

The two lines are in a global place out of any function. So I think in my code, it will print the messages at the place of use, right?

use TieRegistry
I didn't see either of them.