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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?


by etcshadow (Priest)
on Mar 22, 2004 at 05:58 UTC ( [id://338565]=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Far more than just a JAPH, but can you see what it is? (This is a challenge to you all... spoilers properly hidden, please).
#!/usr/bin/perl ($c=>$i)=(shift()=>shift);@i=split//=>$i; $n=<<'for(;@s;$s^=pop@s){}';$c||=$n;eval$n;print"\n";die; $c=~s/[^\+\-\054\056<>[\]]//sg;@p=split//=>$c;sub b(\@@){\shift->[shift]}for(@p){/\[/&&push@s=>$s; /]/&&(${b@e=>pop@s}=$s);$s++}@s||0>1&&die; for(;$_=${b@p=>$p};$p++){/\074/&&$d--; /\054/&&(${b@d=>$d}=ord(shift@i));/\+/&&-${b@d=>$d}++; /\x5b/&&(${b@d=>$d}?(push@s=>$p):($p=${b@e=>$p})); /\-/&&${b@d=>$d}--;/\056/&&print(chr(${b@d=>$d})); /\x5d/&&(${b@d=>$d}?$p=${b@s=>$#s}:pop@s);/\>/&&$d++;} $e+=++$s[(3>$p?++$p>0:++$d+$p++||+1<<0-1)&&0]>>$e++; $p[(${b@p=>$p+push@s=>$p++}>$e++?$s+1>++$d:++$b)&0<<2<<-0]; $p>>=$d++|+$i++&0;pop@s;$s++;$e++;@s=split+/./=>$c; for(;$e>0;$e--){--$e;$s-=1;$n="------".$s--."+".(1<<$e<2). "\n";}$c>>=1;$c+=3.141592654;${b@s=>--$s}--;$n=$s--.(1+$s). "+++++".$e;$d<++$s?++$c:++$i;@e=split+/./;--$e{$s}&&exit;/-/&& ($s.="$c/$e");print$s>--$i;$.<<=$<;@p=split/.(?>-)/; ($s>$e||$s>$c)&&$s--;$c.=q<.>;print$p++."\n"; print(chr(ord shift(@i)-1));$s<$e&&push@s=>--$i; /\x64/&&--$e;print-0||"$^O".$s[$s<0?$e:$s];for(;$e>0;$_.=$e){ $p>>=($d++)+1;$_.=$c;tr|a-z0-9A-Z|A-Za-ka-z|} <>;@d=sort{$a-$b<=>0}split/.+/;$e+=.1;push@s=>$e; /-/&&($_.=q<ff^^ff>);s+(\w\+)+$1\+$s\+\++sge; print"\n".$s[$s<0?$e:$s];<.>;print${b@e=>$p}; for(;@s;$s^=pop@s){} print$s;
------------ :Wq Not an editor command: Wq

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Re: Evil JAPH
by teamster_jr (Curate) on Mar 22, 2004 at 10:53 UTC
    Dude, that totally rocks!
    I'm fairly sure i know what it does:
    Spoiler below:
    It's a brainf*ck parser yeah?
    with the japh written in bf encoded into the code of the interpretter: this line: $c=~s/[^\+\-\054\056<>[\]]//sg; removes all the non bf chars ($c is by default the parser code) so you can cat in a bf string and whatever arguments you need...
    Very nicely done. ++ etc

    Update: Worked out how to use it (ish) and clarified my spoiler.

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